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Art Director, Photographer, musician and music producer.

Music video

Official music video for Alley Cat, from the forthcoming Seventh Wonder studio album entitled The Great Escape, released 3rd of December 2010 through Lion Music.

Recorded, edited and produced by Johan Larsson.



Lunch break

Recording the sound of flowing sand.

Capture flowing sand with macro lens “inside” the hourglass.

Know that I dont say it very often, but I love you miss 5D.

Seventh Wonder

Promotion pictures for the fourth album The great escape. Used for CD-artwork, posters, t-shirts and more.

Summer breeze

Motion graphics

Presentation introduction to famous swedish author and rhetoric consultant Elaine Eksvärd.

Futuristic sports

Soft created “The game changer” concept to EMC:s new innovative storage solution NX3e.
Images where used in campaign site, posters, roll ups, video and sports drink bottle.

Photo shoot

Bondens Pekbok