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Art Director, Photographer, musician and music producer.

SW 5


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TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Tid 04:20


Unfolded CD print art work.


Release. CD in Sweden Rock Magazine #96. “Welcome home” recorded in Johan Art Studios.


Book release

Photo and Art Work. “Själens DNA” Authors: Annika Frantz & Annalena Mellblom.



Christmas Gift of the Year

Stop motion animation for SVT. Pre-packed bag of groceries.

Stills for print.

Elaine Eksvärd

Photo shoot for famous Swedish author and rhetoric consultant Elaine Eksvärds´s upcomig book “Snacka Snyggt”. Here are some behind the scenes, unretouched and retouched photos.

Check out Elaine´s blog here

The Great Escape

Woho! The CD has come. Seventh Wonder release party for “The great escape” is on Saturday in Stockholm. more info.

So, I have had the great honor to come up with the concept and do the art work for one of the best records ever made. The project also included making a music video and take promotion pictures. Last but not least I slipped in and layed down some backing vocals on “King of Whitewater” meantime recording Tommy in the studio.